Honey Bee 2 Celebrations(2017) Malayalam Movies Full Watch Online HD Result, Free Download Torrent

Honey Bee 2 Celebrations(2017) Malayalam Movies Full Watch Online HD Result, Free Download Torrent


Angel’s brothers decide to get their sister married to Sebastian. As the story moves closer to the wedding, the huge contrast in the cultures of both the families leads to conflict of opinion.


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Country: India
Language: Malayalam
Release Date: 23 March 2017 (India) See more »
Filming Locations: Kochi, Kerala, India

User Reviews

It was a very bad decision made by Lal Jr to direct a sequel to the box-office hit Honey Bee. Honey Bee was a film strictly made only to youths and it was these youths, who made the film a hit. Talking about Honey Bee 2, there was no need for such a film in the industry. To Lal Jr, Sequels are made to entertain audience, not to make a tiresome experience. Poor Direction and Weak Script! The story is the extended version of the scenes between the suicide attempt and the last prayer scene in front of Angel’s (Bhavana) parents’ grave, after Seban’s (Asif) and Angel’s wedding, which was shown in the first part. Honey Bee 2 starts and ends with these scenes.

Asif Ali played the role of a young angry man as he played in the first part. His acting was fine. Except Lal, none of the supporting actors were good. Some supporting actors were replaced by actors which had no similarity in contrast to that actors. Bhavana had a small role to play in the film and there won’t be any mistake if we term her role as ‘Extended Cameo’. Baburaj, Sreenath Bhasi and Balu Varghese were awful and failed to bring laugh in the lips of audience. The combination as husband and wife of Sreenivasan and Lena was too awful. Here we could see a mistake made by the director. But all the songs were good to hear, enriched with good lyrics and excellent music composing.

The film conveys not too good message in the end. If there were no film called Honey Bee 2, there could have been no possible impact in the industry and for the story line of the first part, Honey Bee. An unwanted film directed by the son of such a legendary actor Lal. He is still youth and he have plenty of time to become a successful director in the future.