Watch Online Punjab 1984 Punjabi Movie, Download Torrent in HD result,Video Songs Audio Mp3

Watch Online Punjab 1984 Punjabi Movie, Download Torrent in HD result,Video Songs Audio Mp3


This is the story of a mother and her missing son set in the backdrop of 1984 Punjab, when the state was going through a terrible time of terrorism. The film depicts the longing of a mother for her son and her search for her son, who is labelled a terrorist because of the bad times in Punjab.


Country: Canada | India
Language: Punjabi | Hindi
Release Date: 27 June 2014 (Canada) See more »
Also Known As: Пенджаб 1984 See more »
Filming Locations: Amritsar, Punjab, India See more »

User Reviews

First of all I’m a bit surprised that even after one week of it’s release nobody has actually posted a review!

Now I will say that Punjab film Industry has come a long way in these recent few years giving us viewers some great movies to watch! now i personally thought that Punjab film industry is only capable in making people laugh but after seeing this i salute the director who has changed my thoughts on it,they can actually make us emotional too.

This movie was very important for me as a youngster born in Tarn-Taran the place where these incidents actually happened and heard stories from his parents ,read in books about the massacre that happened in 1984 i had mixed feelings on it as I’m an Atheist belonging to a Hindu background we also lost a family member in the massacre who fought his whole life for the welfare of farmers and their rights!

Okay so let’s get started the movie starts of with kirron kher who did a splendid job as a mother trying to find his missing son who was taken by police for apparently no reason and later told that he was a terrorist.I wouldn’t spoil it any further as i think it’s better to watch then speak about it.

As Diljit Dosanjh said in an interview after seeing the movie you will not remember one particular role but admire each and everyone’s effort behind the movie which clearly shows of.

Now the movie is shot in some beautiful destinations like villages in Punjab, city of tarn taran where i belong to and the mountains of Srinagar.

last but not the least I thank kirron kher,diljit dosanjh and director Anurag singh for depicting the movie so good ,i was personally worried after seeing a movie called sada haq based on similar incidents which was not worthy of all the hype it got. but I can surely say each and every Indian should watch this movie to know what actually happened 1984!

”100% unbiased movie”