Visaaranai(2015) Tamil Movie Full Watch Online HD Result, Free Download Torrent

Visaaranai(2015) Tamil Movie Full Watch Online HD Result, Free Download Torrent


Four immigrants (Pandi, Murugan, Afsal and Kumar) are detained by the local state police, tortured and forced to admit to a crime they have no knowledge of. When all hope seems to be lost, a policeman from their hometown speaks on their behalf at the court hearing, setting them free. The policeman asks for a return favor and the boys oblige, oblivious to the consequences that await them. As they unwittingly bear witness to a political treason, the system seeks to silence them at any cost. But Pandi is determined to be heard.


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Country: India
Language: Tamil | Telugu
Release Date: 5 February 2016 (USA) See more »
Also Known As: Interrogation See more »

User Reviews

I m shivering as i am typing this……… Gut wrenching…..Ufff!! I m exhausted!!!! Truly sucked out every last bit of my soul!!!

This is too realistic to be labeled as a film…..An extremely violent intense political conspiracy is the apt genre…. Really tests the audience mental strength!!! My heart was pounding during the entire 110 minutes of running time…… Gonna have hard time sleeping at least for a few days!!!

This film will undergo some serious cuts before releasing in theater’s, as the characters depicted and their language are too raw… Hope censor board takes it easy and release it with minor cuts…..

Dinesh, U beauty…..Wat have u done!!!…..National Award is awaiting!!!

Out of all the 100 films which i ve seen this year, this tops the list like a Boss…. Too good even for a WORLD cinema standards!!!! Take a bow, Vetrimaaran!!! A Masterpiece in filmmaking!!!!