Watch Online Movie Maanagaram Hindi Dubbed Download Torrent Hd Result

Watch Online Movie Maanagaram Hindi Dubbed Download Torrent Hd Result


A City based thriller that travels on the Hyperlink plot connecting the four youngsters from the different walks of lives. Maanagaram will focalize upon Chennai city as one of the major characters in this film, where the backdrops would indeed become a prominent ingredient of this tale.






Release Date:

10 March 2017 (USA) See more »

Also Known As:

Столица See more »

Filming Locations:

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

User Reviews

Story itself is so powerful which depicts the notion which outsiders keep on metro cities, whatever be the reason for anyone’s experience the metro cities have been a boon for our country. Some want to be around for sake of money and some stay out for their goodness. No one wish to give and take from what the city has, metro cities have been giving so much purpose and interesting life to everyone which all can’t have it in their very own native side. Remember the catch:- it’s the people who make a place beautiful. Talking about the film, it’s starts so real and best of camera work shown. Wonderfully crafted story having significance for each character a city has everywhere. Story moves with present common problems a city has, and revolving around it. Director made an interesting connection of Theft,acid attacks,rowdism,kiddnaping, police corruption, sentiments and love in the city which ends to a happy note of telling people that do what is right and things will have a positive change for sure in the end.